Human Sexuality, Love, Marriage, and the Pursuit of Beatitude

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The last several decades have witnessed a relentless disintegration in the moral fabric of human society, especially in Western countries.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of human sexuality and marriage, where permissiveness for sexual hedonism, under the banner of freedom, equality, and non-discrimination, has become, as it were, the law of the day.

The harmful consequences on men and women caused by the widespread moral disintegration in human sexuality are self-evident, as attested by the increase in divorce (even among Catholics), broken families, poverty, and sexual exploitation of women, among others. Part and parcel with such moral disintegration is that young people, in addition to being exposed at quite an early age to a culture oversaturated with sex, are not taught (whether at school or at home) the values that make marriage and parenthood possible.  Will they, as adults, be able to embrace the lifetime commitment of marriage with steadfast faithfulness?  

For those of the Catholic faith, however, there is a powerful “tool” to avert the harmful influence of the contemporary hedonistic culture.  It is none other than the Church’s teaching on human sexuality and marriage – a teaching which, being grounded in Sacred Scriptures and having evolved organically over the centuries, offers a solid and holistic vision of the beauty of human sexuality and marriage. 

This course is specifically designed to help Catholics (especially young adults) to rediscover the Church’s teaching on human sexuality and marriage.  It is hoped that this will help married couples live out their marriage as a love-flourishing and life-giving reality, and as a common journey to holiness.

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Human Sexuality, Love, Marriage, and the Pursuit of Beatitude -- Doyen Nguyen, OP, M.D., S.T.D.



Doyen Nguyen

Doyen Nguyen